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Flight Deck View NFT collection

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Welcome to our exclusive collection of Flight Deck View NFT's.

I love to share the sensation, of seeing our world, where we everyday live and move around, from another perspective. From the birds eye perspective.

We live on a beautiful planet, and our goal has to be of taking care, protect and enjoy this seldom diamond in our universe, that we call home.

One way to enjoy the beauty of our home planet, is to observe it, either live or in a digital way.

I love aviation because it opens a new hole perspective of our world, since mankind started flying.

You are welcome to discover our exclusive and unique selection of NFT's, sold in cooperation with


No downloads, duplication, or any commercial use of our exclusive images is allowed, without our explicit consent, except the official purchase and resell of our NFT's via our partner site

Flight Deck View NFT's

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