Say goodbye to messy working Areas.

Annoyed by paper flying around in your work office? Out of paer in a meeting? Want to keep your working area organized? Or you just like to safe paper and the environment?

Our LCD Writing Board will help you solve this problems.


This Ultra thin 1/8 inch,12 inch LCD writing / drawing tablet, is a real alternative to traditional paper. Erase your image with just a Touch of the Erase Button, and make new notes, again and again, will save you real money compared to trditional paper.

The sealed 3v watch battery provides over 50,000 erase cycles.


This multi-functional tool, can be used as ruler and mouse pad on the back side.


The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials. Integrated magnets allow for easy mounting to compatible surfaces.


Environmental-Friendly and Economically.


Good Company for Children in Daily Life and Study. Good for Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling and Drawing practice. Good way to help establish children's awareness of environmental protection simultaneously.


Perfect for writing to-do lists, shopping lists, messages reminders,short memos and leaving notes for friends and family.

12 Inch LCD Multi Function Writing & Drawing Tablet

  • Main Features: 
    1. 12 Inch LCD handwriting board, using non-radiation LCD screen, pressure-sensitive writing, ultra-thin volume, easy to carry. 
    2. One key clearance, only one click, no eraser needed, more clean, fast and convenient, efficient. 
    3. Can also be used without pen, with no dirty hands, without ink. 
    4. Flexible LCD screen for additional protection.
    5. No radiation, with eye protecting dark green notes.
    6. Board drawings or notes, can be captured with an APP to generate images, supported from IOS and Android.


    Specifications according Manufacturer:

    Material: ABS Frame, flexible LCD panel + Electronic Parts

    Colors: White, Black, Blue, Green or Red,
    Input Pressure: 10~20 G

    Input Voltage: AC 36V
    Frequency: 1Hz

    Board Size: 283mm x 185mm x 5mm

    Pen size: 124mm x 8mm / 4.88 x 0.31''

    Package size: 280mm x 190mm x 10mm / 11.02 x 7.48 x 0.39''

    Power supply: 1 x CR2020 button battery

    Reflection rate: 25%-30%

    Input pressure: 10-20G
    Weight: 186g


    Package includeds:
    1 x 12 Inch LCD Writing Tablet
    1 x Pen
    1 x CR2020 button battery