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This special cones were manufactured to be used with a backflow incense burner holder, available here in our shop.

Incense cones were invented in Japan in the 1800s.

200pcs/Box of Backflow Incense Cones, suitable for our collection of Censers, with difrent mixed fragrances including:

  • Wormwood: relieve pain, antiseptic, good to health.
  • Sandalwood: fragrant lasting mellow, sedative to appease nervous tension and anxiety.
  • Lavender: purify air, soothe the mind, calm down, help sleep, treatment of insomnia.
  • Jasmine: antidepressant, relaxed mood, with aphrodisiac effect.
  • Rose, Cherry Blossom, Osmanthus, Green Tea.


How to use:

1. Light the incense, place it on the top of the censer (available on this shop), then you can watch the smoke slide down like water.

2. Place the burner in a calm environment, the smoke of backflow incense cone does not rise into the air, it in fact drops downwards like stream of water.

3. Get relaxed from the physical to the psychological, put aside the troubles of life, relieve yourself and enjoy the peace of this moment.

4. Suitable Scene: study, bedroom, sauna, yoga studio, meditaion room, ceremony, office, kitchen, toilet, etc.

5. About Storage: Place in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Sealed stroage to keep away from moisture.

200Pcs/Box Backflow Incense Cones Mixed Fragrances

  • Tecnical data acc manufacturer:

    • Material: Natural Incense Wood powder, Sticky powder
    • Burning Time: Approx. 10 minutes Per Cone
    • Cone Size (Dia*H): 1.5*2.6cm
    • Cone Quantity: Approx. 200
    • Cone Type: Hollow Cones
    • Fragrances: Includes Sandalwood/Green Tea/Jasmine/Lavender/Rose/Osmanthus/Cherry Blossom/Wormwood

    Package Includes:

    200 x Hollow Incense Cones (Plastic Box Packed)

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