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This is my favorite backpack 🎒. Why?

Traveling around I often experience that my mobile phone needs to be charged. Especially in this situation you usually use your phone a lot, as a navigation device to find your way around a new city for example. But carrying a power bank in your pocket or bag, isn't really convenient for charging as you go. So usually you will either have to wait until your next stop, to charge your phone, or you have to put your phone in your bag for charging.

This backpack helps you charge your phone during you're using it on the go, thaks to the build in USB connector on the side of the backpack.

All you need is to connect a power bank inside your backpack, and connect your mobile phone with your standart USB cable directly to the outside USB connector on the backpack.

I also like the quality and the design of this backpack.

Available in three different colors.


Some main Features are:

  • High quality waterproof fabric.
  • 15.6-inch computer backpack.
  • USB charging external jack design.
  • Double head zipper design.
  • Comfortable hand strap design.

3Pcs Backpack Set 20.8L 15.6-inch USB Charging Port Waterproof

  • Tecnical data acc manufacturer:

    Brand MI [ Xiaomi Cooperation Brand]
    Material 100% Polyester Fiber 
    Capacity 17L
    Size 28*12*41cm
    Closure Type Zipper
    Weight 560g
    Color Black, Red, Grey
    Occasion Study, Business, Travel, etc

    Package Includes:

    1 x Backpack

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