The Creality PLA Filament is one of the highest standart filaments for FDM 3D printers.

I like this filament to, because of its hig presition of the diameter and low smell during prints.

Some Highlights are:

1. High purity, no pluging of nozle.
2. High precision, tolerance control within 0.02mm, effecting the quality of the prints.
3. Good tensile strength, ductility, fluidity, high toughness and low weight.
4. Improved wire coil is more humanized.
5. Suitable for 99% FDM printer in 3D Market.
6. PLA material, environmental protection, due to its good degradability

7. High gloss, not easy to crack, not easy to delaminate, low odor emiting.

Creality 3D® PLA Filament 1Kg 1.75mm

  • Features acc. Manufacturer:

    Printing temperature: 190-220c

    Layer thickness: 1.25+0.05g/cm

    Flow velocity: of fuse-element 5-7g/10min(190c 2.16kg)

    Hygroscopicity: 0.5%

    Tensile strength: >60MPa

    Bending die: >60MPa

    Breaking Elongation: >3.0%

    Diameter: 1.75mm

    Bubble: 100%non-bubble

    Net Weight: 1KG

    Spool size: Diameter 200mm Tall 66mm Center circle diameter 56mm

    Package Includes:
    1x Creality 3D® 1KG 1.75mm PLA Filament