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Custom Handmade Ceramic Teapot

We are proud to offer handmade ceramics!

Our amazing partner is able to produce custom made ceramic teapots, or other ceramics, according to our customers pictures or design.


The prices stated reflects a handmade teapot up to the stated size, produced according our customers request, like those depicted in this offer.

Those depicted teapots are some example of the amzing handmade work.


Other custommade ceramic products or dimensions:

If you like to order other custommade ceramic products, other sizes, or a set of handmade ceramics, you dont find in our online store, please feel free to send us a request for a quote.

Dont forget to include the desired product picture or design, and the desired dimensions.

We well reply as soon as possible with a quote.



Plese allow a tolerance to the ordered dimensions, since the teapots are handmade and not machined.

The ordered products color tones or shades may vary, from the requested picture colors of the product.



The order of copies of branded, or copyright protected products, is not allowed!

Please check before placing any order for custom made products, if you are nor conflicting to any copyright or law, importing your product.

We apologize, we cannot refund our customers, in case of any importing issue with your local customs, for products conflicting any law or copyrighted products.

Custom Handmade Ceramic Teapot

  • Specifications According Manufacture:

    • Product: Handmade Ceramic Teapot
    • Model: Customized
    • Color: Customized
    • Product Weight:  kg
    • Package Weight:  kg
    • Product Dimensions: From 150ml to 400ml. Other dimensions up on request
    • Product Size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 10.00 x 10.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
    • Package Size: kg


    In Package included:

    • 1 Teapot including lid
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