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About the picture:

This is actually a glass of Johnny Walker black lable, at the Delano hotel lobby bar, in Miami Beach.

Dont forget your new phone whiskey glass case, when your going to enjoy your whiskey with friends.


According Wikipedia:

The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, and stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres across eight Alpine countries: France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia.

The mountains were formed over tens of millions of years as the African and Eurasian tectonic plates collided.


About the phone case:

This case looks sleek, but it's tough. Its solid construction fits your phone perfectly, and it protects from scratches, dust, oil, and dirt. The smooth finish also makes it stylish and easy to hold.


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All our exclusive case pics are originally shot from our CEO, as a pilot traveling around the world.

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iPhone Case Whiskey Glass

  • Tecnical data acc manufacturer:

    • Made of a BPA free hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material
    • Solid, durable polycarbonate back
    • Wireless charging compatible
    • Secure yet flexible thermoplastic polyurethane sides
    • Precisely aligned port openings
    • Easy to take on and off
    • 0.5 mm raised bezel front
    • Graphics are UV printed onto the case with a smooth, matte finish

    Package Includes:

    1 x iPhone Case Whiskey Glass (according your model selection).

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