The Kelant S400-s UV Resin LCD 3D Printer stands out, not only due to its large print size of 192x120x200mm, compared to to other resin printers in the same price range of below 1000$.

On the other hand, printers with the same print size, cost usually significantly more than 1.000$.

I like also the stable metal body, the double railed Z Axis and the nice looking of this printer.

This printers comes partially preassembled, and it is easy to finall assemble the printer parts.


Some Main Fetures Are:

  • Large print size of 192x120x200mm
  • 8.9inch metal body is more advanced and more rugged. 
  • 2K high resolution LCD screen 
  • Quick Installation
  • 3.5inch large touch screen
  • Double rail
  • One click cleaning of resin vat
  • support WIFI remote printing and USB Disk printing
  • New stable platform


General Precautions working with Resins and SLA 3D Printers:

- Do not let kids use the printer unattended from adults.

- Keep the resins away from children.

- Awoid contact from resins with skin. Wear gloves and eye protection.

- Shake well before use

- Store UV sensitive resins in a dark place

Kelant S400 UV Resin 2K LCD 3D Printer 192x120x200mm Large Build Volume

$729.00 Regular Price
$509.00Sale Price
  • Tecnical Data acc. Manufacturer:

    Product Name: Kelant S400-s

    Slicer: Kelant Sheer & auto suppot

    Operation: 3.5 inch touch screen 

    Connectivity: USB disk

    Technique: LCD Shadow Masking

    XY Resolution: 75 microns

    Z Resolution: 12.5 microns 

    Layer Thickness: 35-100 microns

    Printing Speed: 10sec / layer

    Light Source: UV-LED (wave length 405nm)

    Rated Power: 144W

    Dimensions: 420mm x 350mm x 480mm

    Build Volume: 192(L) x 120(W) x 200(H)

    Compatible Resins: 405nm UV Resins

    Net Wheight: ~16,8kg

    Package Includes:
    1x Kelant S400-s LCD-SLA 3D Printer Kit 

    The resin is not included in this order, but can be ordered separately on our store.