The Kelant S500 LCD UV Resin 3D Printer features a large print volume size of 192x120x200mm, and high resolution 3D printing due to its 4K Monochrome LCD display.

The monochrome LCD display makes the S500 even faster than the S400.

Printers with the same print size, cost usually significantly more than 1.000$.

I like also the stable metal body, the double railed Z Axis and the nice looking of this printer.

This printers comes partially preassembled, and it is easy to finall assemble the printer parts.


Some Main Fetures Are:

  • Large print size of 192x120x200mm
  • 8.9inch metal body is more advanced and more rugged. 
  • 4K high resolution LCD screen 
  • Quick Installation
  • 3.5inch large touch screen
  • Double rail
  • Fast printing 60mm/hour
  • New stable platform


General Precautions working with Resins and SLA 3D Printers:

- Do not let kids use the printer unattended from adults.

- Keep the resins away from children.

- Awoid contact from resins with skin. Wear gloves and eye protection.

- Shake well before use

- Store UV sensitive resins in a dark place

Kelant S500 4K Mono LCD 3D Printer 192x120x200mm Large Build Volume

$1,029.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
  • Tecnical Data acc. Manufacturer:

    Product Name: Kelant S500

    Slicer: Chitubox

    Operation: 3.5 inch touch screen 

    Connectivity: USB disk

    Technique: LCD Shadow Masking

    XY Resolution: 50 microns

    Z Resolution: 12.5 microns 

    Layer Thickness: 35-100 microns

    Printing Speed: 1.5-2 sec / layer

    Light Source: UV-LED (wave length 405nm)

    Rated Power: 84W

    Dimensions: 345mm x 400mm x 455mm

    Build Volume: 192(L) x 120(W) x 200(H)

    Compatible Resins: 405nm UV Resins

    Net Wheight: ~16,8kg

    Package Includes:
    1x Kelant S500 LCD-SLA 3D Printer Kit 

    The resin is not included in this order, but can be ordered separately on our store.