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I put this Micro Vape eCigarette to my collections, because its my favorite eCigarette.

This eCigarette is not only very handy to carry with, but it looks also amazing during use. I like especially the LED light at the bottom, wich gives even the optical feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

Maybe this eCigarette will become also your favorite.

Micro eCigarette

Out of Stock
  • This eCigarette is only 10cm ( 3.9in) long. This makes this product special, since it can be carried in a smal shirt bag.

    The 170mAh build-in battery, can vape more than 300 puffs on a full charge.

    Due to its cigarette similar shape and feelings, this product can even help to quit smoking cigarettes.

    To ensure a long live, and to avoid clogging of the battery, unscrew the battery after usage.

    It features a buil in atomizer coil, wich can be replaced installing a new cigarette head. Also available on this shop.


    This Micro eCigarette Double KIT includes: 

    * 2x Kamry Micro 1.0+ Battery

    * 2x Kamry Micro 1.0+ Atomizer

    * 1x Wireless USB Charger

    * 1x Instruction Manual

    * 1x Certification Card

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