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Makes Shark Fin shaped Ice Cubes
Great for parties & themed nights
A great ice breaker!
Made from food grade silicone
Complies with European safety standards
The ice cubes come out intact - not chipped or cracked
Soft, safe and healthy, easy to clean and keep.
Flexible silicone ice cube trays are perfect for making party-themed ice cubes, chocolates, gelatins, and more.

How to use:
To get them out, push each cube from the bottom with your finger, for fastest and easiest results, wait for 5 minutes after taking the tray out of the freezer. By this way, the ice cubes will pop right out. If you don't wait, your fingertip will be freezing while trying to push them out.
Please put it into hot water for a while before using to remove the silicone smell.



The color of the silicone tray will be send in random colors.

Silicone Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray Chocolate Mold Mold

  • Specifications According Manufacture:

    • Material:  Silicone
    • Weight: 40g
    • Quantity: 1
    • Color: Random


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Silicone Ice Cube Tray
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