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As an airline pilot I'm traveling all over the world. I just not only love traveling, but flying Airplanes to. Not just following a boring, sometimes crowded road, but being able to move throughout the 3rd dimension, trough the air, reaching my destination, is what's really fascinating me.

With The FlyingBroker Jet®, I'm committed to bring other people the same feeling, when they are traveling around. All this in a privat and luxury atmosphere, avoiding crowded airport terminals or roads.


One of my favorite activity, traveling the world, is exploring the country, their people and culture. Doing this, I often find some special and interesting products, you probably couldn't find elsewhere. This can be a special and seldom piece of furniture, a delicious food speciality, some precious jewelry, or even some regional traditional clothing.

From small to big things, from seldom to expensive products, there's really no limit on human diversity out there.


This brought me to the idea of the The FlyingBroker Shop®, to share those interesting and high valued products to my valuable customers.

No need anymore going to Italy for buying Italian terra-cotta art.

Now you will be able to buy those or similar interesting and special products, from the comfort of your own home!

There will be coming more and more products with time.

Don't forget to sign up to our email newsletters, to be the first to know about new (sometime limited) products releases & travel deals.

I wish you all the best travel and shopping experience with us.


World Peace
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