How do I place an order?

Simply go to the Shop page above, where you will find all Products sorted by categories. Click to the products itself, read the description, select the quantity wanted, ad to your basket (you can find the basket on top of every page), and check out following the payment instructions.

Payment Options 


​Presently we offer PayPal payment options, where you can also use it for Credit Card payments.

We also partnered with Square for secure and encrypted Credit Card payments.

Who pays for import taxes & customs duty's?


We are anxious about providing our customers the best service possible. This implies paying customs and import taxes in advance, for products delivered from abroad, to avoid our customers going to pickup the products from their local Customs Office.

Generally this works! But in some cases / products, we can't pay for the customs and import taxes in advance.

Therefore, please check the notes on each product, since we will state where customs and import taxes may apply upon arrival of the product.

In those cases where we will not be able to pay for the customs and import taxes in advance, the fees are already subtracted from our product price tag.

In this case the customer pays for those taxes upon arrival of the product, directly with their local customs. 

Why does Shipping take so long?


Since some of our products are coming directly from all over the world, the shipping time may vary significantly depending of the item and individual manufacturers.

Please read therefore carefully the shipping informations of each desired product!



The privacy of our customers is very important for us!

We don't share customers informations to third parties, except for shipping informations with some manufacturers.

Payment informations will never being shared to others, excepts for processing directly with payment providers, like PayPal or other official credit card payment providers.

For more informations about our privacy regulations, see our Privacy Policy.

Returns & Refunds


Except groceries products, we usually offer returns and refund, to a maximum of 7-days after arrival date.

Costumers are required to pay all related return shipping costs. The refund will be processed after we receive and checked the items.

Why no returns on grocery's?

Because of health and safety reasons, related to storing regulations, durability of some product, and security reasons.

For more informations about our return and refunds regulations, see our Terms of Service regulations.



Feel free to contact us, if you have more questions.

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