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A Powerful Team of

Experienced Aviators

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Earn 400$ worth bonus points on your first flight 

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reasons Why Booking with us

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Safety and hygiene is very important for us, choosing our aviation partners.

With 25+ years experience in aviation, we have developed very high standards.

You can expect experienced and well trained pilots, cleanliness of our booked jets, and well maintained aircrafts.



Our partners are experienced Jet operators, flying from almost every region and airport around the world.

This allows our customers to safe time, traveling just to the next regional airport, with usually a 15- 20min checkin time. 

Avoid waste of time, before and after a flight, compared when traveling with major airlines.

Check our comparison chart here.

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Be a VIP

We are committed to offer the best service possible.


Enjoy exclusive service during your trip over the clouds.

We love to provide any pre and post flight services, like transportation to and from the airport, hotel bookings, special meals request, or any other wishes of  our valuable customers.

Simply ask on booking request.

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Earn TFB.Jet $tars on the fly, booking your next flight with us.

Earned $tars can be redeemed on eligible purchases within our Online Shop.
Or towards your next flight.

Limited time offer! $400,- worth of Jet $tars for new customers.

Stay tuned since we will partner with many more companies accepting our bonus miles.

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Avoid the crowd

Avoid crowded Airport terminals, staying in line for the baggage drop off, then for the security check, and there after for the boarding process.

Enjoy instead, the individual service you deserve, with fast & comfortable checkin process, trough general aviation terminals, equipped with many features and comfortable lounges.

Travel just with jour business partners, or loved ones in your private Jet.

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Enjoy your privacy during the whole trip, before, during and after your flight. Not having to wait in a crowded business airline lounge.


Travel only with your business team, in your private Jet, where you can freely talk or work about your business, too safe even more time during the trip.

Speaking about privacy:

We will never share details about our customers to third parties, except informations necessary to organize the whole trip.

Check our Privacy Policy.

Any more questions?

Send us your Booking Request now

Call or text us directly +1 786 724-5302
or call our front desk +1 786 673-2877

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