This offer is valid only within the continental USA!! Please do not order if outside the continental USA!


This inflatable stand up paddle board is the ideal rental board, to explore the world of lakes and seas.

A board with extraordinary stability, thanks to its lengthened and wider size, larger than other competitors boards.

Lightweight material: Military-grade PVC fabric + EVA foam deck, interior high-strength drop-stitch. Easy to carry by adults.

Hold more than one person: Standard capacity: 320 lbs. Maximum capacity: 400 lbs. Easy to hold up to 2 people.


What's included in the rental price:

  • The rented item for the rental time period selected.
  • A security deposit of $190per board is included in the rental price. Will be refunded when we recieve the entire undemaged items back.
  • A tracked shiping to the customer and a shipping lable back to us, in case of selected shipping.


How to Rent in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select the desires item, rental time, quantity and go to checkout.
  2. After payment recieved, we will shipp the item to your selected residential or hotel adress in FL or the continental  US, or you self pick up the bord (if Self Pick-up & Drop-off selected), in one of our locations.
  3. Have fun.
  4. Return the item back, using the mailed shipping lable, after the purchase, or you self drop-off the bord (if Self Pick-up & Drop-off selected), in one of our locations.



  • Please take 3 to 5 days in account when you rent the item, if shipping selected, to allow the shipping to arrive in your selected destination.
  • We only rent within the continental US.
  • Live vest isn't included in the package. However we recommend to wear a live vest for your own safety.
  • Board color or shape can be different from that depicted, according availability.


Pick-up & Drop-off locations:

  • Comming soon. Stay tuned.

Rent an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP. Including 190$ sec. deposit

  • Tecnical data acc manufacturer:

    • Brand: According Availability  
    • Type: Inflatable Paddle Board 
    • Accessories: Hand pump, bag, paddle, leash, Fins, rep  
    • Colors: According Availability
    • Material: Drop Stitch + PVC+EVA 
    • High pressure valve (max 20 psi)
    • Recommend inflating pressure 12-16 psi
    • Size: 132*33*6in /  335*84*15cm 
    • Certification: CE Certification 
    • Weight: 19,6lb / 8.9kg