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Experience the ultimate culinary indulgence with The FlyingBroker's exclusive Olive Oil. Cold pressed from the finest olives grown on the nutrient-rich south slopes of Sicily's majestic Mount Etna, this premium oil boasts a rich, full flavor that sets it apart from the competition, perfect for adding depth and flavor to your favorite dishes.


Sourced from a region renowned for producing the world's finest pistachios, our olives are grown using traditional, chemical-free methods to ensure the highest quality and purity. Each bottle contains the essence of the sun-drenched Sicilian countryside, captured in a single pour.


Not only is this Olive Oil a taste sensation, but by purchasing it, you'll be supporting the hardworking farmers of Sicily and helping to bring their products to a wider market at a fair price. Once you've tried it, we're confident you'll agree that there is no other Olive Oil that compares.


Premium Sicilian Olive Oil, D.O.P.

SKU: G0001
1 Fluid ounce
Out of Stock
  • To ensure a long lasting quality for this product, here some store and care instructions:


    • To be stored closed in a cool and dry place
    • To be stored away from any heat source
    • To be stored away from direct sunlight.
    • Do not store next to vinegar.
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