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This amazing Olive Oil, produced exclusively for The FlyingBroker, is cold pressed from olives, wich grew up at the south slope of the Volcano Etna, in Sicily.

The south sloped part of the Etna, is very known for its soil rich on minerals and spoiled of the Sicilian sun. For example the worldwide best pistachios, are exactly from that location.

Both the location, and it's soil, gives the olives an amazing top quality there.


Naturally and traditionally cold pressed extracted, with no chemicals used during the whole process.

This product stands off from the competition, due to its amazing rich taste and flavor.


We'r offering this Olive Oil, not only because is maybe the best world wide, but it also helps the sicilian farmers to sell their products, out of a crisis plagued country to a resonable price.

To be honest, I don't use any other Olive Oil anymore.

Premium Sicilian Olive Oil, D.O.P.

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